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这是高级英语第一册第六课ppt,包括了Mark Twain’s true name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens(1835-1910),a simple happy period of life,cynical: a cynical person believes that all 等内容,欢迎点击下载。


6  Mark Twain
--- Mirror of America
1     idyllic: of idyll, a simple happy period of life, 
                    often in the country.
       idyll: a short piece of poetry or prose that 
                 describes a happy and peaceful scene or
                 event, esp. of country life.
2    cruise: a travel or a trip on a ship and visit lots
                  of places.
3   cynical: a cynical person believes that all men
                   are selfish. He sees no good in anything
                   and makes unkind remarks about people
                   and things.   cynic: a cynical person.
4   obsess: fill the mind continuously, to worry 
                  continuously and unnecessarily.
     be obsessed with sth.: to fill the head with sth. 
         e.g. He became absolutely obsessed with a girl 
             reporter on television.              She is obsessed by the desire to become a 
             great scientist.
5   frailty: a weakness of character or behavior.       e.g. One of the frailties of human nature is  laziness.
                   That chair looks too frail to take a man's weight.
6   tramp: a person who has no home or permanent 
                  job and very little money. Tramps go
                  from place to place getting food and
                  money by taking occasional job or 
7   pilot: ① a person who is trained and specially
                 employed to go on board and guide ships 
                 to enter the harbor.             ②a person who is trained to fly an aircraft.
8   Confederate States of America (1861-1865) : 
              the government established by the southern 
          states of the US after their secession / official 
          separation from the union.
9   guerrilla (guerilla): a member of an unofficial fight group which attacks the enemy in small groups unexpectedly.         e.g. Song of the Guerrillas
10   prospector: a person who examines the land in 
                            order to find gold, oil, etc.
11   starry: full of stars in the sky, indicating
                    sparkling, glowing, and flashing.
       starry-eyed: full of unreasonable or silly hopes.
12   acid-tongued: if sb. is acid-tongued, he makes unkind or critical remarks.
13    digest: a. When you digest food, the food 
               passes through your stomach and is broken 
               down so that your body can use it.                  b. If you digest information, you think about it,
               understand it, and remember it.                  c. A digest is a collection of things that have 
               been written, which are published again in a
               concise form.   e.g. Reader's Digest
14   adopt: to take and use as one's own.
            e.g. Congress has adopted the new measures.
                   adopt a name/custom/style of dress, an idea
                   Having no children of their own they decided
              to adopt an orphan / dog.                 Paul's mother had him adopted because she
              couldn't look after him herself.
15   navigable: deep and wide enough to allow 
                          ships to travel.
16   attest: to show to be true, to give proof of, to 
                   declare solemnly.          e.g. Historic documents and ancient 
         tombstones all attest to this.
17   artery: blood vessel (a tube in your body) that 
                    carries blood from the heart to the rest
                    of the body.
        vein: any of the tubes carrying blood from all 
                  parts of the body to the heart blood vessel.
18    keel: a long bar along the bottom of a boat or
                  ship from which the whole frame of the
                  boat or ship is built up.
19    raft: floating platform made from large pieces 
                 of wood, oil-drums, etc, that are tied
                 together. Also rubber raft.
20    commerce: the buying and selling of goods, 
           Here: commodities.
       This is a synecdoche since it involves the substitution of the genus for kind or whole for part.
21    lumber: (AmE) tree trunks, logs or planks (a long, usu. heavy piece of board, esp. one that is 2 to 6 inches thick and at least 8 inches wide) of wood that have been cut for use, but only roughly. In BrE, it is the same as timber.
22    delta country: Delta is the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet which is shaped like a triangle. Therefore anything in the shape of a delta, esp. a deposit of sand and soil formed at the mouth of some rivers is called a delta.
23   molasses: a thick dark to light brown syrup that
                         is separated from raw sugar in sugar
24    basin: a basin of a large river is the area of 
                    land around it.
             e.g. the Yellow River Basin.
25    drain: to flow off gradually or completely, to
                  cause to become gradually dry or empty.       
        Here, metaphor, to concentrate.
26   cub: the young of various types of meat-eating 
                wild animals, such as lion, bear.
27   cast of characters: the cast of a play or a film
                     consists of all the people who act in it.
28    cosmos: the whole universe
29   feud: long-lasting and bitter quarrel or dispute 
                 between two people or groups.
30    piracy: robbery of ships on the high seas, 
              robbery carried out by pirates, persons who 
              sail the seas stopping and robbing ships.      pirate: a robber on the high seas          To pirate video compact disk, video tapes,   
          cassettes or books is to copy, publish and sell
          them without the right to do so. copy right
31    lynch: (esp. of a crowd of people) to attack and
                    put to death, esp. by hanging, (a person
                    thought to be guilty of a crime), without
                    a lawful trial.
32    slum: an area of a city where living conditions  
                  are very bad and where all the houses are
                  overcrowded and need to be repaired.
33   soak up: to draw in by or as if by suction or 
                   absorption. If sth soaks up a liquid, it  
                   absorbs it.        e.g. The soil soaked up a huge volume of
            water very rapidly.
34   teem with: If a place is teeming with animals or 
                 people, it is very crowded and the animals 
                 or people are moving around a lot.
          e.g. The water teems with fish.               His mind teems with plans.
35    flotsam: metaphor  rubbish, wreckage such as 
                        bits of wood, plastic, and other waste 
                        materials that is floating on the sea, 
                        parts of a wrecked ship or its cargo 
                        found floating in the sea.
36    hustler: a person who tries to earn money or 
                     gain an advantage from any situation 
                     they are in, often by using dishonest or
                     illegal method.
37   thug: a person who is very violent and rough, 
              esp. a criminal violent criminal or hooligan,
              or villain.
38    keen: ① sharp          e.g. He handed me a spear with a keen point.
②  (with the 5 senses, the mind, the feelings) good, 
         strong, quick at understanding        e.g. My hearing is not as keen as it used to be.               He has a keen brain.               He is a keen observer.
③ (AmE) wanting to do sth. very much or wanting sth. to happen very much; having a great deal of enthusiasm for sth.      e.g. He takes a keen interest in his work.             They are keen on art.             I am not very much keen on detective stories.
39    acknowledge: recognize the fact, agree to the truth. If   
                     you acknowledge a fact, you admit that it is true
                     or it exists.           e.g. He acknowledge his fault.
40   acquaint: know, make familiar with.           be acquainted with    e.g. You must acquainted yourself with your new duties.             I have heard about Jim but I am not acquainted with him.           I have no acquaintance there.
41    motley: of many different types of people or
                      things, having or composed of many
                      different or clashing elements, varied.
                      suggesting capricious.
42   succumb: (fml) stop resisting (temptation,
                         illness, attack, etc); to yield.
           e.g. He finally succumbed to the temptation 
              to have another drink.
43   epidemic: the occurrence of a disease which
                     affects a very large number of people
                     living in an area and which spreads 
                     quickly to other people.
            e.g. an influenza epidemic
44    flirt: if you flirt with the idea of doing or
                 having sth. , you consider doing or having
                 it, without making any definite plans.
45    rebuff: If you rebuff sb. or sb's suggestion, you
                     refuse to listen to them or take any
                     notice of what they are trying to say to
                     you, even though they are trying to be
46    broke: completely without money, penniless. 
47    hone: ① a stone used to sharpen knives and tools.                ② to sharpen, to hone one's wit
48    scathing: (of speech or writing) bitterly cruel in
                         judgment, harsh, sharp and hurtful;
                         cutting, scornful.
49    column: an article by a particular writer, that 
                       regularly appears in a newspaper or 
        columnist: journalist who regularly writes an 
                    article commenting on politics, current 
                    events, etc for a newspaper or magazine
                    a political columnist.
50   reckless: someone who is reckless shows a
                complete lack of care about danger or
                about the results of their actions. A
                reckless person is one who does things
                without thinking about what the results
                might be.
51   notations: a brief note jotted down, as to 
                         remind one of something.
52   genius: (pl. geniuses) exceptionally great
                    mental or creative ability.     e.g. a man of genius            Einstein was a mathematical genius.            He is hard-working and able, but no genius.
53    celebrated: well-known, famous, stresses
                    reception of public notice or attention
                    and frequent mention. (celebrity)         e.g. a celebrated actress, writer, pianist, etc
54    slope: surface that is at an angle of less than 90
                   to the earth's surface or a flat surface, an
                   area of rising or falling ground.
55   sore: (of a part of the body) hurting when
              touched or used; tender and painful; aching,
              hurting, irritated, serious, severe.
           e.g. My leg is still very sore.
56    debunk: to point out the truth about (over-
                       praised people, things, ideas, etc).
57   earnest: determined and serious, perhaps too
58   mischievous: (sometimes appreciative)  
                    irresponsibly playful, eager to 
                    have fun, esp. by embarrassing people
                    or by playing harmless tricks.
59    ingenuity: skill and cleverness in making or
                          arranging things
        ingenious: clever at finding new or simple
                           solutions for complex problems
60    puritan: a person who has rather hard fixed
                  standards of behavior and self-control
                  and thinks any kind of pleasure is
                  unnecessary or wrong.
61   panorama:       ① a complete view of a wide stretch of land       ② continuously changing view or scene       ③ a thorough representation in words or picture          e.g. This book gives a panorama of life in
62   sap: gradually weaken sb/sth by taking away
              (strength, energy, etc)      e.g. I was sapped by months of hospital treatment.             She's been sapped of her optimism. ?             Stop sapping her confidence!           Lack of planning is sapping the company’s efficiency.
63   clamor: a continuous loud strong demand or complaint, din. It usu. implies disturbance and is applicable to a combination of sounds or a scene that is excessively noisy. e.g. The public are clamoring for a change of 
           government.        The baby clamored to be fed.
64   edge: sharp cutting part of a blade, knife,
                 sword, or some other tool or weapon. ?        e.g. a knife with a sharp edge
        renew our edges: to remodeling, resharpening
                 our edges, or to recharge the battery.
65   haunt: (of a ghost or spirit) to visit a place or a people. It appears in the place or is seen by people and frightens them.       e.g. The old house is said to be haunted by a
                 headless ghost.              A spirit haunts the castle.              This is one of the cafes I used to haunt.              The memory still haunts me.              This pub is a favourite haunt of artists.
66   feed on: be nourished or strengthened by sth          e.g. Hatred feeds on envy. 因妒生恨
       Bitterness fed on the man who…    Bitterness consumed the man, exhausted, used up all the energy of the man…    Here a personification or metaphor is involved.
67   pad: v. to protect or make sth more comfortable by
          covering or filling with soft material.       e.g. a jacket with padded shoulders             He padded the seat of the chair with some   
                foamed plastics.             n. anything made or filled with a soft material 
          used to protect sth. or make it more comfortable.
         e.g. Get a pad to sit / lie on.             The football player wore a pad on his knee.             a shoulder pad
68   glove     the gloves are off: sb. is ready for a fight     (be) hand in glove: working in close association He was found to be hand in glove with the enemy.     If you describe sb. as having an iron fist in a velvet glove, you mean that they hide a firm and determined personality behind a gentle and quiet manner.
69   satire: satire is ridicule or irony or sarcasm that
           is used, esp. in plays and novels, to show how
           foolish or wicked some people's behaviour or
           ideas are.
70   illusion: the condition of seeing things wrongly              An illusion is an idea or belief which you
                 think is true but is in fact false.         e.g. The magician made us think he cut a
                   woman in half, but it was an illusion.                 Perfect happiness is an illusion.                 Love is a beautiful illusion.
71   vanish: to disappear, go out of sight.
            Vanish implies a complete, often mysterious, 
             and usually sudden passing. It commonly
             suggests absence of all trace or of any clue.    e.g. The mysterious woman passenger vanished.           The ship vanished over the horizon.           Our hope vanished suddenly.
72   crumble: be broken or rubbed into very small
                        pieces.      e.g. crumble one's bread,              The great empire began to crumble.              Their marriage is crumbling.
73   lament: If you lament sth., you express your
                sadness, regret or disappointment about it.        e.g. They lamented the death of their mother.               We could hear her laments through the
                  closed door.

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